Emma Zurcher-Long is a fifteen-year old Autistic girl living in NYC. She is a public speaker, writer and likes to sing on stage. Emma applauds those who have found, or are in the process of finding, their individual voice, as she has through typing.

Emma has had the opportunity to give presentations at conferences and schools around the country. Her writing has been published on her blog, Emma’s Hope Book, Special Parent Magazine and HALO’s 2014 edition of Voices. She would like to continue opening people’s minds to differences. 

“You are welcome to follow me on this adventure.” – Typed by Emma




For the past 10 years Geneva has worked in the feature animation, commercial and documentary production world. She is most passionate about the power of human connection, sharing authentic stories and creating platforms to empower others. She is currently working on a short documentary series entitled "WOMAN" and is in the development stages for a feature documentary film.

Geneva was first introduced to Emma and her family 7 years ago and since then has become very close to the Zurcher-Long family. Having witnessed the astonishing breakthrough with Emma’s communication and typing, Geneva felt that it was important to help Emma’s goal of getting people to truly understand what it’s like to be autistic become a reality.

Feel free to visit www.genevapeschka.com to learn more and stay updated with her projects.



Julia originally graduated from a Bachelor of Biophysical Science in 2005, majoring in both Neuroscience & Physiology. She has great interest in psychology, the human mind, and telling stories that unite humanity.

With subsequent studies in filmmaking, Julia’s work as a director spans 10 years, including narrative drama, music videos & documentary work that has screened internationally.

Julia is currently directing a global girls-empowerment mini-documentary series.

Find more of Julia's work at www.juliangeow.com


The Producing Team

Produced by : Geneva Peschka
Executive Producer : + Disruptor Productions, Opendox, Vera Farmiga & Renn Hawkey
Cinematography : Julia Ngeow
Editor : Conor McBride
Creative Advisors : Petter Ringbom & John Walter
Photos by: Pete Thompson

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