I met Emma and her family in 2010. Over the past 5 years, we’ve formed a close-knit relationship. I’ve been privileged to witness the beauty of Emma's soul, and the hardships she’s bravely endured.


Emma is a vibrant, brilliant young woman. I deeply believe that the world deserves to hear her story. This documentary is not only about perseverance and hope, but serves as a crucial reminder that things aren't always as they seem: snap judgments hold us back from the possibility of many meaningful connections.


Committed to bringing Emma’s story to a large audience, I approached Julia Ngeow, a close friend and very talented film director. Julia was equally inspired with Emma's Zen-like approach to life and profound insight.


When Julia met Emma they had an instant rapport and we began shaping the narrative for UNSPOKEN. Together we approached Marquise Stillwell from Openbox who was thrilled to come on board as executive producer.


After over a year of filming on location in New York City, Washington D.C. and Manchester NH, we have crafted a creative vision that provides an insightful, first-person perspective of autistic neurology.


We’re excited to share this project with the world and continue to open minds.


– Geneva


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